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NESI  - BG Ch. CHARLOTTE FEKETE DOMINO (9/18/1999 - 3/14/2012)

Beautiful, Healthy, Noble, Kind, Charming, Wise - that was Nesi.


"My dear girl, there will always be a special place for you in my heart.."





Following is our history of breeding Golden Retrievers:


Litter "E" - 7-th of June 2012

Goldness Deya x Griffindor from Mariannehouse


Goldness Esler

Goldness Elmo

Goldness Eddie

Goldness El-Nino

Goldness Edelweiss

Goldness Energy

Goldness Elizabeth

Goldness Elegance


Litter "D" - 2-nd of December 2009

Goldness Cuba Libre x Bul.Ch. Non-Stop Isaac Newton


Goldness Darik

Goldness Dominicana

Goldness Deya

Goldness Del Rey

Litter "C" - 1-st of May 2006

BG Ch. Charlotte Fekete Domino x Int CH Multi CH Nyiregyhazi Jager Ibrahim


Goldness Carmina Burana
Goldness Comparsita
Goldness Cuba Libre
Goldness Cherchez le Femme
Goldness Copacabana
Goldness Christopher Robin
Goldness Count Monte Christo
Goldness Captain Nemo
Goldness Casablanca


Litter "B" - 18-th of January 2005

BG Ch. Charlotte Fekete Domino x Baron


Goldness Bohemian Rhapsody
Goldness Blaze of Glory


Litter "A" - 20-th of October 2001

BG Ch. Charlotte Fekete Domino x Soft Shoe Shuffle


Anastasia of Nessy
Athena Palada of Nessy
Artemida of Nessy
Aphrodite of Nessy
Archibald of Nessy
Apollo of Nessy
Asterix of Nessy
Alice in Wonderland of Nessy


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